Shady--Ryan McDonnell


New video from me. Let me know what you think.


I like it, especially with the white lines effect, I think that’s perfect! ;D

(2Sick Joey) #3

THAT EDITING! Sick video with some dope tricks. Wish you would’ve worn a darker shirt though but the string visibility wasn’t too bad


Amazing video. Boston is such a sick backdrop for a video. Are you going to Ma States?


Nice! Loved that horizontal combo at the end!


Very cinematic video! I like the cinematography it creates a very fluent feel to the entire thing and the tricks were nice as well.

  • Casper


Thanks for all the kind words! Jonny Havens films and edits most of my videos. He’s my roommate and is super talented. And I’ll totally wear a darker shirt next time, hahah. I’m usually good at remembering that sort of thing, but I didn’t realize how much a light blue shirt would interfere with visibility. Thanks again!