Underground--Ryan McDonnell


New video from me! Let me know how you like it :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #2

That was a great video! Great quality/editing and the tricks were nice as well


AMAZING with a capital AMAZING.


Great job man!!! I know many of those locations from my visits to Bean Town over the years.

(Jerrod) #5



Stupiddd good video bro! With stupid good throwing, stupid good filming, and stuuuupiiiddd good editing!! 12 out of 10 for sure bro!!

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I liked the part where you did amazing things with a yoyo. The other zero seconds were OK.


Amazing tricks and style, loved the editing too by the way!


Thanks, guys! :slight_smile: Iā€™m hoping to put more videos out in the upcoming months! Glad you liked it!


You are awesome.