SG sticker


What happens when the SG sticker in one part of the yoyo is removed?


What happens is it is no longer attached to the yoyo.


I assume you’re talking about the response in some Duncan metal yoyos?

If so, then binds will be a bit difficult and throws might also be a bit sloppy since the response system isn’t just for bringing the yoyo back. It’s an important part of the throwing process.

As in completely gone?

No response on either side? Binds are gonna be really impossible and throws are going to be really bad. You’ll be able to manually wind it though.

If the Duncan SG rings are gone, torn out, fell out, or worn out, you can use flowable silicone as a response system. Of course, you have to wait 24 hours for the silicone to cure, but you’ll have a good response system installed.


I have a FlipSide, which has one of the SG Stickers removed (it fell out, IDK why). I think that it has caused quite a bit of vibe in it, so I haven’t been using it much lately. Once (or if) I get the Raptor, I will use one of the extra SG Stickers that it comes with it to replace it.


Just silicone one or both sides. It will hold it and it will be fine.


Actually, a lot of people play Duncan yoyos w/one sticker quite successfully.


Agreed! Sometimes I purposely play with a single sticker if I find two stickers overly responsive. One problem I sometimes encounter with only a single sticker, however, is that the yoyo will tend to bind more reliably from the side with the sticker.

(UmeNagisa) #8

Actually, the flipside uses SG Pads.
That would make it harder to bind, if missing one.
I ha the issue for like 30 seconds, when the pad fell out during play and got caugh on the string and stuff. Caused Vibe for sure.
Just unscrew it and replace the pad, or just Silicone it.


Ugh, last night the other sticker fell out. Bummer. Now it doesn’t bind at all (of course). Not a big deal though, it is by no means my main throw.

I am going to get the Raptor eventually, which comes with two extra sets of response, so I will use one of the pairs for it.


probably be a good idea to pick up a pack of those or a tube of silicone they will ware out fall out and what not its going to happen might as well be prepared.
Also with the sg stickers we are talking about a silicone response groove. One sticker may work and it may not but it is by no means the normal duncan setup.