SEVERE Response Type Question..

What’s the difference between K-Pad and Flowable silicone??
Can I use both of that for SEVERE??
Because I wanted to get a SEVERE and I check here the response is K-Pad and in the other store is Flowable silicone…
Maybe I’m a noob or something…
But I really need help…


K-Pads are textured silicone stickers. Flowable silicone is just that - Flowable silicone.

And yes, you can use both of them for the Severe.

The 44 Clash Severes (which YYE had first) came stock with K Pads. The production run Severe comes stock with silicone.

So I can use K-Pad if I can’t find Flowable silicone?


correct. I (and almost everyone I talk to) prefers silicone though.