Sengoku Kenshin: A High Speed YoYo Review

Sengoku is primarily known for its high quality bi and tri metal designs. They currently only have five models under their belt and four of them incorporate rims clad in some metal other than aluminum. Today I am looking at something radically different in terms of Sengoku products, a mono metal design. The Kenshin, named for the daimyo who ruled the Echigo province during the Sengoku period of Japan, is unique to Sengoku yo-yos in that from tip to gap there is not a single steel or brass ring to break up the solid aluminum body of the yo-yo. The big question now is whether Sengoku, a brand known entirely for its multi metal designs, can deliver a compelling mono metal yo-yo.

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Been waitin for this review :slight_smile: Recently got a hideyoshi and throwing it’s the best feeling ever. Definitely lookin into gettin one of their other products.