Sending Paypal as a gift.

I wondering, does sending paypal as a gift with a credit card also give out some information on the credit card? How would the email that the paypal is sent to show up?

Paypal does not share any personal information about the seller or buyer beyond the name and address and an optional contact phone or email. No personal information is ever shared about accounts or credit card information.

The difference between “Send as Gift” or “For goods or services” pertains to the Paypal buyer protection policy. Essentially, if you send it as a gift - Paypal will transfer funds without taking a %. If you choose “Payment for goods or services”, Paypal will take a small % - but will cover the transaction with the Buyer Protection plan. If you are dealing with strangers - use the Protection plan. it is mere pennies for a refund if the other side does not do their part. Well worth it when dealing with strangers. Just make sure you get a delivery confirmation when sending the package (like 60 cents) and you are good. If the other guys says he never got the package - you can prove it was delivered to his Paypal address by the PO. At that point Paypal will do the rest.

Anyone who does any business with Paypal will not risk messing with a Buyer Protected transaction.


This is true it is always good practice if you haven’t worked with someone on here or feel there might be something not right about how the deal is going down to send the cash for goods. If the other person is against you sending the PayPal for goods they are probably trying to scam you. It’s the best protection when dealing with cash online.