Semi-responsive yo-yoing tricks?

What are some tricks that I can do on a semi-responsive yo-yo like the Deep State (Besides beginner tricks)? Thanks :slight_smile:

Stop n go
Tape measure
Some stall tricks


And these:

Pretty much anything you want :slight_smile:

My Deep State is on it’s way, but really you should also be able give a lot of 1a tricks a go. For instance, I have my AlleyCat set up responsive, and I can pull off Black Hops without any problems. Most front style tricks work well. It’s really all about managing the tension (slack, not “string tension”) on the string, so mostly whips and slack are the most limiting, and even then there are some hotshots who can pull some of that stuff off.

Of course much has been said about it helping you hone your skill and smoothness, but what I enjoy is mixing in the 0a stuff. Adding stalls and regens into combos is different and fun. I find it rewarding to finish front style tricks with a loop. Even side style tricks can be finished with a loop out to the TH side.

You can loop to the NTH side without the yoyo flipping, but it’s tricky.