selling yoyos, for my own little yoyo project

i’m up to 4,000 dollars to make my own catch -22 yoyo
but i don’t think thats enough so i’m selling everything(NO TRADES)
and no paypal

spyy pure (not mint) color blue

big brother yoyos bully proto (not mint)

warning line (not mint) color blue

dif-e-yo blind orbiter (mint) color silver

moded freehand zero (mint)

dyed heavy cream (mint) color rainbow

cold metal nano blaster (mint) color black and red

crucial delicious (not mint ) color green

oxy 5 (mint) color red

good and evil 44 (mint) color purple and blue with anime girls on it

crucial cream (mint) color white

dbyy gung fu ice 3-8 (mint) color see through


sorry no pics, i don’t have webcam