Selling Wet Whistle Albatross 54 Code 1

Im selling 4 yoyos (see pictures below)

[OneDrop 54]
Those two are pictues of my onedrop 54, there are a few very very small paint imperfections that my camera would not pick up, and one small grey line slightly lighter than the pray paint already on it ($70 is what I’m wanting for it but message me if u want to talk more on price ect.)

[Gsquared Albatross]

This one is my Gsquared Albatross, its in perfect condition 100% mint (im wanting at least $90 for this one)

[TenYoYo Wet Whistle]

This is my Wet Whistle, as you can see in the picture it has one fairly large scratch (but thats it) it DID NOT scratch the yoyo just rubbed the paint off. (I want at least $90 for this one)

[OneDrop Code1]

This is my OneDrop code 1, as you can see it has one ding, not very large but since its a black yoyo its fairly easy to spot when its not spinning, keep in mind you can always paint over it with ease (I want $80 for this yoyo)

Please keep in mind if you wish to buy or trade me for any of these yoyos just message me and we can talk over the phone or skype, if you buy more than one I’ll send you alot of string lube and so forth.