Selling/Trading my whole collection.


Hey guys, Here’s what I got:

  • Modded YYF FAST 201 - Removed the starburst system and the caps, plays really well now. Gone
  • Duncan Profly - No bearing, got rid of the wood one, it wasted too much strings.
  • Duncan Profire - Perfect condition, no dings or scratches, plays amazing.
  • Yotech Aerolite - Some dings and scratches that don’t affect play.
  • Blazing Teens 2 Grey Fox - No dings, a few unfelt scratches from the factory, amazing yo.
    - Auldey Maze Wheel - Perfect condition, no dings, no scratches, plays like a charm. Gone

I got a couple of counterweights I could throw in too.
I’ll post individual pics of the yoyos upon request

Here’s a little group pic:


hey where did you get the blazing teen yoyo


Its sold here in Kuwait for 5KD, that’s like, $15…


hey can you find the l3 or venom


I don’t really know, I’m not a big fan of Auldey, I’ll check :wink:


Update bump!, new yoyo :smiley:


Can you send me a pic of the 201?


Bump, pic added :smiley:


Update bump, Maze wheel is pending


Update bump, Fast 201 and Maze Wheel are gone.

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