Selling the Gem of my Collection. Custom OXY IV *with pics*

Hello folks,

Most (if any) of you would remember me as CapMorgan from various other forums. Some of you will have seen this yoyo, and anyone with serious interest/offers PM for larger pics. This is my gold anodized, bead blasted OXY IV #62. Two visible surface scratches, original bearing, silicone response.

One of a kind, smooth as silk.

Accepting any reasonable offers, no trades please.

hey captain…good to see you again. it’s been quite awhile :slight_smile:

hmm…rules require pics, captain. any chance of postin’ a few?



Waiting on the internet to quit failing pics on phone email to self…email hasn’t gone through yet. Didn’t read rules, pics up ASAP.

Man i remember when OXY IV’s used to sell like hotcakes, yo-yo scene has changed since I’ve been gone!