Selling some stuff

FS/FT the following are for sale if you want to trade I am open to offers as well just don’t really use these throws anymore…all have been played and are in nmtbs condition

Prices listed are what I paid…offer what you want for them plus shipping

Trade interests are your old throws you not using anymore!!! Left to right top to bottom.

Yyf - Marco b grade
Yyf - metal replay pro b grade gone
Yyf - nine dragons b grade
Yyf - loop 720
Yyf - wedge gone
Yyf - ND
Yyf - Checkpoint Pivot
Yyf - Silenus
Yyf - replay pro
One Drop - Par Avion gone
Yyf - Horizon
G2 - OC gone
Recess -firstbase
MYY - skyva
Yyj - Trigger gone
Duncan - FREE HAND ZERO gone

Not picture
Yyf - Nightmare


interested in your Horizon, 9 dragons and metal skyva----how much for those 3?

Not metal it’s just Pom I think the skyva

I have Checkpoint Pivot which is yyf version of skyva which is black and pink…skyva is orange plastic?

which one is the red and black one–second from left to right on the second row?

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Checkpoint Pivot

Actually pink n black Ann Connolly edition

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