Selling OD Rebirth, YYF 44, Monster, ConFusion GT,


I don’t play with most of these. Maybe you will.

One Drop Revival, purple, $50
YYF Monster, purple, $40
YYF 44 $44
Confusion GT small bearing, $30
YYF OneStar, Boss, DV888, YYJ Surge $10 each

Northstar Pivot, Protostar, $15

Only trades maybe Kitty String XXL, or a Lavender California.

Some items removed, sold.



In fact, I will let the whole lot go for $160.

Buyers Utopia, My Post

Shipping cost is covered by the price listed.

Are the Northstar Pivot, Protostar, and RecRev $15 each, or is that the price for all three?

Yes, I see how you could read that, but I want to collect $15 for each of the two can’t-buy-em-any-more editions of yo-yos that really play very well. And then the Pivot.

Excuse the interruption, but these are all still here.

Does the Oreo pair mean two yo-yos? Is the first base still for sale?

Generic bump

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Brand name bump, costing 36% more.

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Very much best My Post Up Bringing with fantastic increasing sale-me messages.

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