FS: Miggy edition Genesis, Severe, few others...


FOR SALE ONLY please :slight_smile: —all prices are negotiable—

Pictures of all can be found here:

Contact me at 6099152696 or hkleber13@gmail.com for offers, questions, or more pictures

YYF Genesis-$75
Miggy edition
very close to mint(one pinprint, one anodizing mark)
W/ original box
again, runs as if it were mint

YYF Dv888- $25
lots of dings, scratchs, etc(however, zero vibe)
w/ yyf box it came in

YYF Protostar- $25
not any major visible dings(as it is a plastic)
w/ yyf box it came in

YYF Northstar- $25
first run, orange
same condition as protostar
w/ og box, back of box is ripped up a little bit

YYF 2010 Severe- $50
beat up quite a bit, lots of dings, scratches,
needs new pads/response rings

DUNCAN Proyo(2x)- $10 for both
barely used

YYJ Big Yo- 15$
barely used, couple scratches

just trying to get them off my hands, shoot me any offer

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