Selling my entire collection- 20 yoyo's

Selling my entire collection of yoyo’s. Everything comes with the original box. Everything is in very good condition. Banshee and Compass have a small ding. Individual Prices listed below or $900 takes the entire lot. Will ship to US only- motivated seller! Payal and will ship out within 24 hours of payment.

Basecamp Expedition $30
Basecamp Jackknife SOLD******
General Yo Legato $85
CLYW Kayak SOLD******
CLYW Dune Beachparty SOLD******
CLYW Kodiak Black Bip Bop SOLD******
CLYW Borealis Jack Rabbit- SOLD******
CLYW Compass- Salmon Fade $65
CLYW Yeti SOLD******
CLYW Eternal Throw SOLD******
YoyoJam Dark Magic 1 or 2, can’t remember $30
One Drop Gauntlet $50
One Drop Markmont SOLD******
One Drop Benchmark 2016 $40
One Drop Kraken SOLD******
One Drop Terrarian $50
G Sqaured Marvel SOLD******
Banshee SOLD******
GSqaured AL7 Afterschock Swirl SOLD******
G Sqaured Hawk SOLD******

Thanks- Jordan

The DM 1 has starburst response, the DM2 silicone rings. :wink: