Selling my collection! All must go!*no trades*

Hey guys! I need cash right now so I’m selling most of my throws. Really need the cash soon! If you buy two throws you get 5 dollars off. Using paypal. No cash trades Only Paypal

First off we got a Northstar thats cracking a little on the rims. Awesome throw. Got a center-trac installed. Yellow.- 15 dollars

Second- A Number 9 great throw. Stock. Has one medium sized scuff.- 35 dollars

Next- A red G5. No stacks. Stock. Love it! Very smooth and fast. -60 dollars

Next- A nice pink/orange Rozzor Two by Werrd. Stock again no stacks. Great throw. Practically mint. -65 dollars

Next- A green YYJ Equinox. Very little scuffs no very used at all. - 25 dollars

Next- A very old and battered YYF c-13. Has a dead bearing and is very beat. Fun throw. No stacks - 25 dollars

Last- A Big-Yo 2. Has normal OS marks nothing big. Plays fine great throw- 15 dollars

For some reason I cant upload my pictures so PM me if you need some or if you have offers! All must go! If you buy everything you can have it all for 215 bucks! Thats 25 dollars off by the way! Please buy!

You got Ben’s C13 now?