Selling Markmont Classic, Skyva, Recess Vacation and Basecamp Navigator


Looking to sell off some yo-yos because they don’t get used.

All ship for $3.00 plus price. And I will include about 20 Buddha strings in orange for free.

Markmont Classic Black near mint-$70
Comes with both the original side effects, the original bearing I never used and the Buddha concave bearing I used in it.

Skyva Red near mint-$14
Only thrown a few times,

Recess Vacation Andrew Bergen Black with Brown splash near mint-$100
Only thrown a few times. I cleaned and lubed the beating with one drop oil and changed the original pads for one drop slim pads as it was just way too responsive out of the box.

Base camp Navigator Aqua mint-$110

All the yo-yos come in the original boxes as pictured. I will accept PayPal and Venmo, and ship as quickly as I receive payment.


if you still have it, I’ll take that MMC. also, are there any scuffs or dings?


Still selling that skyva?


Open to talking trades now. Especially looking for the Kayak in the blue/green or blue/purple or purple/orange fades in mint to near mint condition. White Pom Draupnir as well.

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