selling majority of collection as a whole

I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had much time to utilize all of my collection, so I’m cutting down on it. Therefore, I have decided to put up almost all of my collection and sell it as a whole. If you are interested, feel free to DM me for more pictures, questions, ect. I am looking for 400 for everything

i am not the best at determining a yoyos vibe level, but all are perfectly playable and most have none, but unless the yoyo says mint there are no guarantees with vibe, but everything should work perfectly fine.
no boxes included
EDIT:feel free to message me if you are interested in a particular throw :slight_smile:

Level 6- good condition-used very lightly- no dings
Accelerator- one tiny ding, does not seem to affect play
MOVE- slight vibe- no dings

SEVERE- pretty banged up, but still plays well
Replayx2- also banged up but still play well
Cyborg 2- one tiny ding, does not affect play
2012 superstar- sprayed with paint/ dinged, mainly a beater

CODE 2- Mint
Summit- Clareview station blizzard mint w/ centering bearing installed
Chik- few minor scuffs, still plays well

Too Hot blue w/ black speckle mint
TH red- few dings/ small vibe
Shu-ta few minor scuffs- golt CT installed
Czechpoint- b grade- plays perfectly just annodization scuffs- may be one off, dont exactly remember
Supernova does not really work anymore, but you may be able to fix it, i could not figure out the problem

YETI- khaki few scuffs but plays perfectly
BVMR2- few small dings
Chief- intergalactic hulk smash- mint- slight vibe but taken very good care of so probably bearing, still plays perfectly

New Breed
YYJ Surge
mostly beaters but still work fine