Selling entire collection over the next couple of weeks!


Hi all. I’m selling my entire personal collection over the next few weeks. It just sits at my house, doing almost nothing, I’d rather see it in the hands of people that have a use for more yo-yos. I want to make sure I take great pictures and everyone knows what they’re getting so I’ve opened a Bigcartel shop for it and I’m going to update weekly with new stuff and lower prices, because I want to get rid of a lot.

I’m also totally willing to take some trades for anything you see listed, Since I’m trying to pair down the collection to 20 or so items I’m only looking for a few things: a brown yeti, a Walter, and a mighty flea.

Anyways, Hope I didn’t violate any forum rules. I made sure to read them all, but still you can never be too sure! Happy hunting!


BUMP for new stuff being listed! Get em’ while they’re hot!


Just added more stuff including some MINT IN PACKAGE STUFF! wooo!!! check it out.


Just bumpin’ for the sake of bumpin’

Bumpers gonna bump.


Bump for price drop! Almost everything is $5 cheaper!

offer code “MOAR” to get FREE SHIPPING on 3+ items.


OH SNAP I’m doing a drop tomorrow at NOON CST. That’s high noon doods.

New stuff added. Get it while it is hot, as they say.


New stuff coming to the store today! Great deals, so move quick! Don’t forget offer code MOAR for free shipping on 3+ items.


EVERYTHING IS CHEAPER NOW. Use offer code MOAR for free shipping on 3+ things.


Link isnt working for me, any clue how to fix?

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