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Hi, I’m looking to sell my yo-yo collection. I never got good at it and they are collecting dust. I purchased all these yo-yo’s because I obsess over things and thought I needed them. I would prefer to sell all of them in one go. I’m not sure what they are worth but I know what I paid. They are all in mint condition and have barely been used. I will give all my strings, lube and bearings to the buyer as well.

Asking $250OBO for all:
CLYW Chief ($100)
One Drop Valor ($100)
One Drop Gradient ($60)
Shutter ($40)
Shu-ta ($50)
2x Replay Pro
Mighty Flea ($50)


Frankly, you’d probably have more takers by selling individually rather than as a group. (IMHO)


Could I buy individual yoyos? I’m interested in the mighty flea. If so, how much would you sell it for?


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First page


$300 for all and added individual prices.


First page.


Could I buy your Chief for 50$?

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