Selling collection (Gleipnir, Pride, Heirloom, Cascade, more)

I’ve been yo-yoing on and off since 2012, but as the years have gone by, I have been throwing less and less. As sad as I am to see these go, I’m glad to know that these yo-yos will mean more to someone else than they would to me now.
I am keeping a beater Chief, though, don’t worry :wink:

OD Cascade: $75
An old fave, this boy is incredibly smooth despite its multiple dings and scuffs. I’ve photographed the worst of them here, but if you’d like to see the more minor ones, I’d be happy to send you more pictures.

YYF Ann Connolly Whip
I feel like no one wants this, but I am also one of those people. Nothing wrong with it, but it is a Whip. I’ll leave it here as a deal sweetener, in case you want to give a little kid a gift or something.

Chicago Yo-yo Club Yo-yo:$85
One of only 13 (I believe) ever made, this was the product of a collaboration among members of the Chicago Yo-yo Club some six or seven years ago. Smooth, matte finish perfect for grinding, hardly ever played, mint. No vibe.

YYF Loop
Same as Whip. Nothing wrong with it.

Yomega Glide: $15
Smooth and solid. Feels good in the hand, minimal vibe. A few dings, the worst of them pictured here. Again, if you’d like to see the minor damage, message me, and I will gladly send you pictures.

YYR Gleipnir: best offer
Heavy and stable, super fun to mess around with this legend. One minor scuff that I did my best to get in the second picture. No vibe.

YYF DV888: $10
A few scuffs, the biggest one pictured. Does not affect play–very little to no vibe.

Duncan Strix: $10
Super smooth and light. No vibe. Small scratch pictured the only damage.

YYJ Surge
Same as Loop and Whip. No visible damage.

YYF Genesis:$40
Multiple dings, the worst pictured. Still plays smooth.

Yo-yo Brothers Heirloom w/ bronze rings: best offer
Mint. Still hesitant to sell this one. All around amazing throw.

DEADLY SpINS 7075 Pride: best offer
Also hesitant to sell. Super smooth, rare, old, near mint. Only damage a minor scuff too small for the camera to capture.

YYE bag: $15
Been with me forever, but I suppose I’ll have no need for this trusty boy anymore. Autographs are Daniel Dietz, Ann Connolly, Isaac Sams, Ben Conde, and I don’t remember the last one.



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That Gleipnir oh man


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