Selling a guitar


I’m 12 years old so it’s hard to make enough money for a decent throw. I have a junior sized cherry red electric guitar with a mini amp. It is in “like new” condition. I barely played it because I’m a drummer. And I don’t know how to play guitar anyway. If anyone wants pics, pleasecomment. If you want to buy it, PM me and we can discuss a price. If not, how muchshould I sell it for? And should I use eBay or the BST forum?


first of all, post pix, brand name, how old it is, and how much use its had. may not be worth it to sell on ebay or bst. have you tried craigslisting it in your local city or nearest major city? of course you being 12 you need to get your parents involved with selling it.


Yeah. What he said!

You might be able to trade for a yoyo on bst too.


i’ll post pics tomorrow but its a Burswood junior electric guitar. Cherry red with a carry case and extra strings. Played maybe 5 or 6 times ever. I got it about 4 years ago.It has no scratches, marks, or dings.


Your still supposed to post it on the bst even if it’s not a yoyo.


I love how you used dings to describe your guitar. :slight_smile: