Selling a bunch of yoyos! YYF, Clyw, | PRICES LOWERED!

Hi I’m looking to sell all of these Yoyos. Also add $5.00 to all of these Yoyos for shipping. I am also looking for an Iyoyo Firrox so pm me if you are interested.


Replay metal: $20.00 Is in mint condition and is smooth

Avante garde: $30.00 it is very smooth with two very small dings.


Macrocosm: $30.00 is very near mint, just has one miscoscopic pin prick. Has no vibe and is great!


Borealis: $60.00 Two dings, is pretty smooth and is first

Yeti 2: $20.00 Is new and mint in box

If you wish to buy any of these Yoyos please PM me or contact me by this email:

You’ve been bumping for months dude. I don’t think anyone’s very interested.

Me want themXDXDXD