SEC Meetup

Hi Guys! I was wondering if anybody attending SEC would like to meetup somewhere before the contending starts.

I plan on being at the contest at 10am on Saturday to get me some Chick-fil-a breakfast. I think most people will meet there.

How is that breakfast there. Never had it. I like the chicken sandwich though.

I’ve never had it either, but it sounds decent.

They do have a good chicken sandwich. I’ve only ate there a few times in my life. I think they have lemonade too. Can’t remember what version of fried potatoes they serve. French maybe??

Waffle fries

Awesome, are those like Criss Cut fries? (Served at Carl’s Jr)

Yup the shapes the same

This got off topic quickly. :smiley:

BTW Darren, congrats on getting a seed to finals.

Fries are never off topic haha. Thanks man! I’m starting to get a bit nervous for this but at the same time excited :slight_smile:

Nice. I’m gonna have to check that out!

Oh and for the record, fries are always on topic, Zorro!

Only when they are french fries.

BTW, congrat, this time, for getting our 2nd place.