Seasick, pop n fresh and over under :(

i’m having a problem with seasick. i just can’t get the motion down (the yoyo hit my face roughly 8 times lol). any tips for this trick?
i’ve mastered boing, but everytime i tried to slide the yoyo down, it doesn’t boing at all
when i pop the yoyo up, and switch my hand, it doesn’t transfer the mount at all
help me!!!

Seasick: keep at it. Remember the movement is that one hand is trailing the other. This one is tricky, but is learned like Boingy unfortunately, people show you the motion and tell you what it is, but then, it is up to your brain to get your hands working. Best of luck.

Pop’n Fresh: Make sure you are crossing your hands in the right way and that you are sitting in the right mount. Highspeedyoyo is bound to have a slow-motion tutorial for this trick. Also be sure there are no extra wraps anywhere so that certain things will not happen when they should.

Over-Under: try starting with the yo-yo under your hand and getting it to bounce back and forth from that position. It will help with getting the motion down. Learning this one is like Seasick and Boingy. Just keep at it, it will click soon. Promise. :smiley: