Scuffing up my 000...?

Anyone with the Luftverk 000 have similar marks in the catch zone? They’re kind of hard to photograph but, for the most part, they make it all the way around both halves.

I originally thought that these marks were from the string (Kitty) but am starting to think that they may be from my holster. In the second pic there is a plastic hold that makes contact with the yoyo its holding. Could plastic makes these sort of marks on titanium? “Scuffs” I don’t really see these on my Ti-SB.

Any way to buff them out or something? I need some Ti expertise! Thanks in advance.


I’ve seen similar marks on titanium throws, I think my TYY-01 (the ti throw I’ve been the roughest on) has some like that. I don’t use a holster though.

The marks look like they’d polish right out. Titanium is surprisingly resilient, I’ve seen some throws that looked a bit trashed that in the right hands was restored to a beautiful finish such that you wouldn’t’ve known they were the same yo-yo.


They are definitely on the surface.