Scratch-Proof Anno

Is there such a thing called scratch proof anno that even when dinged, dropped, scratched against concrete, etc… wont strip the anno?

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Probably not.


That’s as close as you can get, and that wont play at all well. Besides, if there was such a thing, all yoyos would have it. The dif hard coat anno is the toughest I’ve seen.

Yeah, not really. The core principle of anodizing is to “grow” a layer of alumina over the base material. The layer can range from .0001 inches for normal anno up to .002 inches for hard coat. Either way not much thickness compared to the roughness of concrete :frowning_face:

Probably the best you can do is PTFE (Teflon) impregnation. The alumina layer is quite porous and you can fill the pores with different material to give different qualities. We usually put dye in there to get cool colorways, but PTFE can be used instead. That’s how (at least some) non-stick pans work.


I’m stilling waiting on some madlad to charge $3000 for a 95% Tungsten yoyo.

One Drop did a hardcoat on a few runs of yoyos that I think was supposed to be more durable. Not scratch proof but a touch more resistant.