Scout, Galaxy czechpoint and acro for 110 shipped!

Get the scout, acro, and the Galaxy czechpoint for 110 shipped!!!

Small damage on acro, everything else is mint and barely played. Acro is dead smooth.

Looking to sell as well but I’d trade both for a nice weekend, I’d trade the scout for a superstar 16 too.

FG scout- very smooth, plays perfectly. Has a small ano flaw and small patch of pin pricks (can’t feel) under the ano as pictured. 55 shipped

GONe C3 move- completely mint. Fun Yoyo, robotic like fingerspins haha. 40 shipped

Worlds 05 SFHG-mint on the rims but cracked, still plays really well though. More of a collectors piece, in sunlight it’s a really cool color. 35 shipped

May add some others later on

Bump, someone has to have a superstar for this scout!

bump, someone help me out with that kuntosh release tonight! I can maybe add if needed!

Bump, 3 great metals for 110 shipped!!

Are you wanting to sell the lot or are you willing to sell individually. (interested in the CzechPoint)