You can try me with trades, but primarily looking for cash.

$50 and up includes USPS Priority Mail.

C3 Dymension - Got this brand new, threw it once and put it back in the box. Still 100% mint. - SOLD

Basecamp Moonshine - SOLD

One Drop Markmont Next - killer yoyo, nickel plated. nickel is a little tarnished in some areas, but could be polished again if you wanted. A couple dings, but still smooth. - SOLD

One Drop Nickel blasted Vanguard - NQP branded, super smooth. 2 dings, one on each half - SOLD

CLYW 7075 Scout FG - This was a very limited yoyo, and the majority of that small release were FG because of ano. Extremely smooth, no dings or issues. - SOLD

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Moonshine is Sold

send me some offers, need some cash right now.

sorry, a question…
you are sure to scout both in 7075? I don’t appear to have ever been produced with this kind of aluminum … the chief yes but not the scout …

I believe from when these were released there were only 25 Black 7075 Scout’s released, and the majority of them were classified as FG because of Ano flaws. Just very small areas that the ano doesn’t cover, very small clear spots.

thank you so much for your response and the clarification … I was totally lost them!