Scott Attaway?

I am looking at a yoyo that was retapped by someone named Scott Attaway. Does anyone know if he does a good job and is reliable? I’m not overly concerned but still want to check what others think.

He is a really great person and a good modder as well. His work is really nice. He sili recessed a FHZ for me and it came out very nicely.

I talked to him recently about doing something for me, and this what he said:

“I have been quietly backing out of mods and such due to personal and home reasons. I am referring all jobs to pyrotechnic aka Chris Hicks. He does great work and I set him up with some materials to get rolling. He has been around a while but just started back up again.”

Listen to this guy ^^^

Chris Hicks also does very fine work. I can maybe post some pics of his stuff on here.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Yep, pyrotechnic has been around a long time and knows his stuff.

Yes totally can trust anything from Scott. He does great work and is awesome guy. Thanks for all the kind words. Need to post some of my mods here.

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