Hey guys. So a while back i started to get into scootering, as in tricks and stuff. The only reason i don’t still is that I had a really cruddy scooter. So my question is what is a good scooter manufacturer and what are their good models. I was looking at the ultra pro by razor and thought that there are most likely other brands with better rides. Again, what do you like, recomend or have?

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Micro has some awesome stuff but its a bit pricy!


My little bro and his friend are getting better at scooter tricks and they both had ultra pros and they are really good scooters!!!




So glad I found this thread cus I scooter! Sorry for a late post…

If you are getting back into scootering I’d have to reccomend the black label by razor. Razor makes some pretty good scooters if you are a beginner to be honest.

If you have expirience, get a District Complete, anything by district is amazing. Maybe also an MGP Ninja…


I have the razor ultra pro xx. I have had to do quite a bit of work on the headset, but it barspins pretty well none the less. I have also looked at a ninja, but i don’t have the funds.


I used to scooter, I remember really liking District!


District is great for the price and Lucky has completes now. Also, don’t have a MGP please. Heavy and bad. I highly prefer you build a custom one

support tilt and sky high


So what scoot would you suggest from district?


Was going to say that i had a Yamaha Aerox once, but then…


but then those jokes got old?


any complete set up


I can’t seem to find many completes anywhere I look. Is there a good website that you would suggest, cause the one I tried only had 2 completes from district.


district v4 complete



ooh, scooter thread.

But like Liz said, a custom built will beat out any complete out there. More expensive, but will probably last longer and ride better.

Shout out to those $500 setups, lol.


Thats the problem, I don’t have $500 to spend on a scooter.


I love scooters too! :slight_smile: Right now I have the old Razor Pro Model. I’m looking at getting a new one too, but for less than $150. I was thinking the Pro XXX or Black Label 4.0. Anyone try these?


wow go away i hate you

but if anyone wants a sick sweet setup, i’m selling mine for $400

or get one here
they’re decent


Them black label 4.0 look nice.