School Variety Night


Being a senior at my school, this is my 3rd and probably last performance I will ever do there.
What did you guys think ?

Jensen Kimmit, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Paul Kerbal, and Christopher Chia, were all huge sources of inspiration.


Nice job man!


Killed it!!!


Very cool!


Good work man. Great skill! :slight_smile:


Yeah! Awesome. Definitely a very “Chia vibe” if that makes sense. Good for you!!


Awesome routine man! It was nice how you appealed to both yoyoers who knew what tricks you were doing (us online on this forum), as well as non yoyoers (the people watching you). It was a great mix of both, that is what Hiroyuki Suzuki is so good at aswell! Great job! =).


Thanks man, really appreciate it !




Nice work!


You did a great job and it looked like you were having fun.


Woah. That’s awesome. This is great inspiration for my local talent show. I wish I could do a performance that good. :smiley: