Scales Open Online Pro Finals starting now!


Curious. The live scores are neat. Can you see your own (other judges) live scores as you are clicking?



Do you think seeing each others scores could create a bias at all?

Did anyone keep track of how many contestants used the Arctic Circle 2?

I noticed a decent variance in clicks - which is cool to see because different judges score things a little differently. They also seem so focused on the routine that they aren’t even looking at the clicker counter (on one it kept resetting and they didn’t even notice until 40 seconds or so into the routine).


To clarify, we could see the scores, but as Tyler said, we were completely focused on the video (video was on a different monitor by the way) so we weren’t actually looking at the scores at all.


Nobody used an AC2

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Wow, seriously? That is CRAZY.

Has anyone figured out why?

What’s up with the random question?

What made you think multiple people would use the ac2?


I’m still curious about what made you think it was CRAZY that multiple contestants didn’t use the AC2

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I think trolling…

I don’t think he was trolling

Well I just figured that if I were competition level that might be what I would use.

Why the AC2 too tho? Literally so random :joy:

I would’ve maybe understood if you said Draupnir or something like that

Ok man I have to come clean.

The AC2 is one of my all time favorites but they said they won’t make anymore, I even asked Steve Brown.

So I came up with a plan. I thought that maybe if I could convince him that there is a really high demand for it they would change their mind, so lately I just spend my days hyping the hell out of it.

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