SBL! – Ep 16 – Agape – Tomorrow at 10am Central

You know Casey Moss? Icthus Icthus Icthus everywhere you go? The guy who posts an unquantifiable amount? Of course you know him.
Did you know that he made a yo-yo called the Agape? You might ask… is it any good? Well tune into String Burn LIVE! tomorrow morning to find out and win one for your very own!
8am Pacific
9am Mountain
10am Central
11am East Coast
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If you have a question that you would like to ask String Burn LIVE! please email us or call us at 210-STBURNL or twitter us @stringburnlive or become a fan on


Yay, i love string burn live can’t wait.


Glad you enjoy the show :slight_smile:

Great Show, If I had One word to describe this it would be… EPIC. For all who have not seen this You are missing out.

hopefully i will be able to see the show since i usually dont wake up that early on saturday but i will try my hardest to watch

I make it almost every week to catch it =] missed the sovereign though =[

Episode starts in just over an hour. There is still time to leave us a voicemail at 210-STBURNL or send us an email


Episode 16 is now posted. Sorry for the delay. The podcasted/downloadable version is also avb, and all the show notes are at


sleep to late here