SBL! – EP 017 – The Wedgie

On this very special episode of String Burn LIVE! we will be reviewing the Wedgie by Big Brother Yo-Yos. The owner of Big Brother Yo-Yos Doug Spence will be IN STUDIO! for an interview segment! Kirby is back at the hosting table this week. Josh Parker will be teaching a trick. And it is going to be a ton of fun (provided we don’t freeze to death).
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11am East Coast
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DOUG WILL BE THERE ?!?!?! i cant miss this, plus the wedgie kicks a$$

I’d love to see it!

I want to watch it really bad…

But I might run a 5k tomorrow morning, and I’m really sore so I’m not sure yet…

Plus I got a Wedgie in the mail from Doug (who is freaking awesome) today, and I LOVE it.

And tyler3490, I know you’re going to PM me about this, lol, but don’t curse. Seriously, there are kids that are younger than me on this forum.

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Did I mention that we are giving the Wedgie away? BECAUSE WE TOTALLY ARE!!!

hence the “$$” :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some kid will think hes talking about money?

the wedgie kicks a money sign. Makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

at $75 it does technically kick a money sign, its the best yoyo in that price range in my opinion

This is for tomorrow right?

Wow, seems like it’ll be a great episode! I love BBYY and SBL, so I’m definitely tuning in! ;D

Yep! Tomorrow morning at 10am central!

Great thanks. :slight_smile:

The episode is now posted!  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and congrats to Aaron Ho for winning the Wedgie.  This episode is particularly cool because Sean and Kirby cohosted it and I did an interview with Doug Spence of Big Brother Yo-Yos who was IN STUDIO!  How cool is that?

Well, check it out.  I hope you enjoy it.

In the words of Chris Rhoads, Kirby and Sean were “bouncing around like a couple of tit mice on red bull”.