SB-4 (Silver Is the New Black)

(ed) #1

New video!!! SB-4!!! Exclamation points!!!

({RTD} alecto) #2

that was amazing ed


good stuff!! SB4 looking nice… :wink:


Wow really cool!


Is this going to be a limited model or can we expect to see a couple batches of these?

(ed) #6

The latter. Much like the SB-2 it’ll be an ongoing model at least as long as people dig it. And it’s a pretty digable yoyo. :wink:


Goodie! Ill have to grab one at some point, glad to hear ggetting a new one wont be an issue when the spare cash is handy.

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joins werrd - makes a bunch of fixed-axle videos.
joins TK - finally makes a bearing video. Good job ed.

(ed) #9

lol. funny old world, idn’t it?


One of my first yoyos was the Sleep Machine. I love Tom Kuhn yoyos, and am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on one of these.