Save Deth Volume two review

received Save Deth Volume two in the mail today after a week of waiting and was very anxious to watch it.
First the Intro to the movie, as I discovered was the second trailer that was released which is very interesting to watch even after seeing it so many times.
After that it has Adam Brewster as the first section to be shown. This segment is really good with a lot of awesome tricks done by Adam.
His look has changed quite a lot since his part in Throw 2008, he has a more rough appearance.
The tricks he does are really cool and many are new that are not in Throw 2008.
Ray Godefroid’s part is sort of short but has a lot of really good tricks in it.
His 5A is amazing, in a couple of parts he looks like he is doing DoubleD.
Alex’s Wildens part in this is awesome. The tricks he does are technical that remind me of Mikhails EX series. He is a really good 1A player that defiantly needs more recognition.
Mark Allens and Doctor Popular’s parts are very good.
In Mark’s part he has tricks that are very smooth and elegantish.
Doc’s part was filmed on way to watch Terminator 4. It has him kinda messing around with 5A and a coffee cup.
Tyler Severance’s part is filmed inside a record store, it features him doing 1A with a Lilith Project. Throughout the video I was hoping he would do 5A but he only did awesome 1A that lasted for a very long time. His tricks are on a different level than most people.
Danny’s part is cool. He has a smoothness level that looks unnatural, his tricks last for a while considering he is using a FHZ looking yo-yo. He uses it stock response so that accounts for smoothness, I really like the segment with him and the coonskin cap on his head.
Jon Rob’s, Mark Mont’s, and Sebastian Brocks respective segments are awesome. Johns segment with his cool 5A was a real pleasure to watch, when I watch Tech 5A I think that I can come up with stuff when, in reality I can’t for some reason. I like it when he does that one trick at the end and his yo-yo goes flying off and into a lamppost.
Mark Mont’s segment is awesome! Not just because they have slow motion in some parts but the tricks are quite cool and fast. One part he was doing it and I thought that they had sped it up… Then I saw someone walk in the back round at normal speed.
Not much else to say about Mark’s part except that it is very well done.
Sebastian’s part was mainly full of win. Mainly in black and white it showed his 1A from a year or two ago, my fave trick he did was when he had the hand stalled and then went into a sideways spinning G.T. thing. Then it had some more recent footage that was awesome.
Justin Webers part was awesome. If you do not like his segment go to New York, go to the top of the empire state building and jump off. The previous instructions apply to the person who was in the car and told him to move.
That segment is one of the three or four top parts in the movie and I think that Save Deth was lucky to have him in it. With this segment I am surprised that instead of Chuck Norris jokes there is Justin Weber jokes.
Jensen Kimmet’s section is very cool.
His tricks are very good, the horizontal axis stuff, especially the twirling GT thing is mind blowing his normal 1A is very hop style he is known for.
Paul hand segment will blow your mind. If it doesn’t then go see him and he will blow your mind for you.
He goes so fast that what he is doing is barely seeable. His skateboarding is very cool.
This is the first time he has been filmed since Team THP said Save Deth on their blog, they also said be ready for some awesome footage.
Awesome does not even begin to describe it.
At the very end of the video when he is doing the last skateboard trick you can see me and my dad walking away. I am wearing a bright reddish orange sweatshirt since it was freezing cold.
Abe’s part is mainly some insanity with some yoing and insane yoing stunts.
I think that anyone that was filmed for eight hours once all the footage was taken I would say that is very difficult to do.
Hank Freman’s feature has some of the greatest 3A I have ever seen.
now all S.D. needs is Paul Han on a DVD and they will have had two of the best 3A throwers.
Hank’s 3A is very legnedary, he was also part of the 2001 3A Dynasty.
His part is one of my favorites right along with Paul Han and Justin Weber.
Hopefully this is better than my Throw 2008 review.
go buy this DVD if you have not already, if you can’t get a copy then borrow/ steal (not recommended) to watch this if you don’t then you shall forever regret it.
what atre your thoughts on Save Deth Volume two