Save Deth Volume 2 Previews: Justin Weber updated!

Well, we know you guys are looking forward to Save Deth Volume 2… so we decided to give you sneak peeks at the DVD.

The roster for Vol 2 is epic! I am so glad to have worked with such a great group of amazing players :smiley:
Adam Brewster, Alex Wilden, Mark Allen, Hank Freeman, Ray Godefroid, Doc Pop, Jon Rob, Joey FLeshman,Tyler Severance, Danny Severance, Abe Ziahmer, Drew Tetz, Justin Weber, Mark Montgomery, Jensen Kimmitt and Paul Han!

UPDATE: Check out Now with Justin Weber, and if you didn’t catch Joey’s the first time scroll down and bit and watch it too ;D

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Awesome, I can’t wait :wink:

I NEED to buy this one.

This is not included in my buying plans yet, but it seems pretty awesome.

keyword :wink:

Paul han was sponsered by circa?

can’t see the video.
saw the trailer and it is on my buy list.


I love you Seth.

You too Logan! :smiley:

Another little teaser for you guys ;D

Check out Mark Allen @!


Sorry, due to some technical difficulties Mark’s video is down ATM ???

Justin Weber now @!

That’s icing on the cake for me, I need to get this DVD!