Saturn Precision Yo-Yos Have Arrived - Limited PURE Available!

Saturn Precision Yo-Yos are here:

The PURE is a true Masterpiece!

SPYY is now on YYE! AWESOME!

The Pure

SPYY is proud to finally release its latest signature series yoyo, the Pure. This yoyo was constructed and styled for legendary 5A player, Jonathan Robinson (who is known throughout the yoyo community as JonRob). This hand-crafted yoyo is intended to add a measurable level of sophistication and value to any player’s collection, therefore numbers of this release have been limited to only 125 pieces.

The Pure breaks tradition in modern high performance metal yoyos by incorporating flush-machined side caps for a stunning look and feel. The side caps provide excellent ergonomics for side style play as well as a unique tone while the yoyo spins. Each yoyo was meticulously bead blasted, hand finished, anodized then remachined to expose the beauty of raw aluminum. For JonRob, it’s not only about how well it plays, but also how good it looks!

The inner halves are annodized in a deep blue, red, or black with the great Pure logo engraved on one side.

Built to Jon Rob’s specifications the yo-yo features a smaller bearing for a tighter gap giving the yo-yo strong binds, fast rpms, and making it easy to get back to the hand with it barely spinning.

This yo-yo is truly a masterpiece in yo-yo creations and you will not want to miss your chance to own one. Watch out for JonRob, his Pure yoyo and his no compromise style of play at a contest near you.

The Addict

SPYY is pleased to introduce version two of the Addict, called the Addiction. The most notable revisions include a stainless C sized bearing (dry), a wider gap and deep recessed grooves for silicone response.

The Addiction comes loaded with O-Stickers, but readily accepts flowable silicone. The weight, diameter and width remain unchanged, but the profile has been refined to maintain the yoyos width while increasing the gap to 4mm.

Only 150 yoyos produced. The Addictionion includes features geared specifically towards cutting-edge 1A play. Extreme rim mass for long spin times, moderate weight and a giant profile ensure fast transitions and positive string hits.

CAUTION: The Addiction is extremely Addictive!


I cant wait to get my hands on these!

YES!!! I don’t know why I said that because although I REALLY want them, I can’t afford either. It’s just exciting that YYE got a new brand.

I swear I did not paste that in this thread. ??? ??? What happend?

Wait, you didn’t type any of that? First it said that the topic was started by SR, but then it said by New Releases. I don’t know, that’s really weird. Oh, and why isn’t SPYY on the YYE front page yet?

No, I wrote it in a different topic. He must have moved my topic into this one. I get it. Back on topic now.

Just to let you guys know…

The PURE is SICK!!!

I tried out oone of Jon’s raw protos…
This yoyo is definitely worth the money. You won’t be disappointed!

I went to the what people are doing page, and found this:

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It’s fine. And Yes the pure is awesome!

Are they permanatly on YYE?

Or just for a limited time (I mean the company, not the Addic and Pure)?

I would give three of my best throws for the black one. oh the beauty soo nice.

Too big for my liking, waiting for the new Duncan MentasM or the new ILYY candy blasted E1NS…

The pure looks yummy.

WAAAAYYYY TOOOO FANNNCCCY! Nobody needs those yoyos, come on. The Pure, seriously, not needed. Mind over matter. Thats like the 2015 CTS.

dude, who cares if ti’s fancy? If its fancy so what? arent we looking forward to the day we get to drive spaceships and have holograms and eat fast fodd that takes 2 seconds to make?

Do you even know WHY they made that yoyo? Do you even know who JonRob is? Lol

I know who he is! He goes to my yoyoclub at YoyoJoes every Saturday!

I’m talking to Spencer L.

Ohhh sorry…I’m going a little crazy right now, you may have already noticed. AAAHHH!!!HEHEHEHEH!!!

Yes, I know who Jonathan robinson is. He was at MA States and Z-Games. He’s sponsered by SPYY and The Pure is his signature yoyo. I was just saying it looks like something to be made in like 6 years.

wow :o! That PURE looks nice!!! I’d love to try one of those!