I work at Fearrington, a classy place for people with too much money. It is an inn, restaurant, and a place to have weddings. But last night, Santigold, one of my favorite bands of all time had a concert there. When I heard this I freaked out, because I was going to be paid to watch a Santigold live. This is the first time we have ever had anything like this here, and I guess the stars lined up perfectly. But yeah, seeing them blew my mind. There were only about 250 people there, so I got to be super close to the band.
But to the point, does anyone else like Santigold, or can you recommend some music like it?

Thats really cool.

Yup, getting paid to watch my 2nd favorite band rocks. My first would have to be the Ting Tings. Look them up if you haven’t heard of them. I really like bands that feature female lead singers. However, I don’t like female singers without an amazing band.

I saw her live she opened for the red hot chili peppers. She stunk up the joint she was straight hollering into the mic.

hahaha I heard about that!! My friends were pretty stoked to see them, but were pretty disappointed.