Salmon Line String Test #2 Salmon ine String test Made the second trick up on the spot and i was messing around with some follows if i get more subsribers i will make more videos so please subscribe

Looks cool. Would look cooler with a glowing yoyo as well. But, you’re doing a string test, so it makes sense.

That just tells me when it comes time for me to do a performance, it’s gonna look way cool with the glowing string.

sorry the last audio swap didnt come through so im trying it again and studio i was using my code1 but if you would think it would be better i could use a protostar or glownasty

It’s up to you. All I was focusing on was the string. You said it was a string test.

But, if you want my input, I would like to see it with the glownasty.

I’m going to be doing something SIMILAR soon. Glownasty, glow string, glowing superball bored and used as a counterweight. However, I’ll have to charge it up because I won’t be using UV lights for my short performance.

check out my channel and you will see what you want i have it with a proto and glownast and i use a black light btw

Checked it out. Cool.

In the performance I may do, blacklight will not be an option, it’s reserved for something else, but we’re only talking 20-30 seconds top, which in a live event can be a lifetime.

I am planning to get a pair of battery operated blacklights to charge the throw, string and CW up before the performance, and then just use my black atache-style case to be a sealed case so the charging can’t be an audience distraction. You’d have to see how we have to lay production out for this show to fully understand the insanity of the logistics involved.