Sales & Yoyo Wants, name me your price

Hi guys,

I am selling angle XS (Mint)- Gold, Black & Blue

Also package deal as follows:

Package 1: $150
King yo star- hop king (Rare)- Mint
Teleport- Simpson Wong edition (Rare)- Mint
Teleport- Mayi Edition (Rare)- Mint

Package 2: $140
Gradient- Ayame- Mint
Benchmark V- Near Mint
Benchmark W- Near Mint

Package 3: $140
Supernova Lite- Mint
Yoyoskeel Sense- Mint
Adegle Sundial- Near Mint

Package 4: $180
Yoyomonster Astrology- Mint
Barracuda (7075) -Silver and Black splash- Mint (Made In USA)

Send me a PM if you wanna have a look at it.

I would also like to buy the followings:

7075 scout
7075 bonfire
7075 chief
Aviator 1 easter colour
YYF superstar pulsar edition

Do PM me with the condition of the yoyo and price!

Black angle xs gone