Christmas present for your love ones

Hi guys,

Most of these yoyos here are either not in production or hard to get, so do take a look and leave me a PM. Most of the yoyo have their own box. Also dont be afraid to ask for Bundle discounts.

Benchmark v 2014 version- near mint - $25 [Retail Price: $58]

Sundial - near mint (shape and feel like sleipnir)- $30 [Retail Price $79.99]

Hop king (Bali Edition- Can only get in Indonesia national) - mint - $40 [Retail Price: Priceless]

Teleport - mint (rares & not in production anymore):
-Splash (Black/Red/Yellow) version is the Simpson edition- $40 [Retail Price: $55]
-Splash (Green/Purple/Silver) is the MaYi edition- $40 [Retail Price: $55]

Yoyoskeel sense (Not in Production Anymore) -mint - $30 [Retail Price:$89.99]

Astrology (japanese yoyo) -mint- $60 [Retail Price: $78]

Hertz (no vibe) - Mint- $30 (Looks like Draupnir)- [Retail Price: $75]

Horizon (First Run)- Mint- $30 [Retail Price: $45]

Downbeat (upgraded with silver spike) -Mint- $50 [Retail Price:$70]

Superfly Remix 7075 (Not in Production for a long time)- Mint - $80 [Retail Price: $170]

Diffusion 2 (smooth on the string)- Mint - $20 [Retail Price: $34.99]

Odora (black yoyo)- Near mint but still smooth as butter- $30

Do PM me if any of you are interested. All yoyos are smooth! Buy in bulk will have more discount ofcourse. Just pay $5 for international shipping+paypal fees as i am making a loss here.

Lf mint yoyos (no solid colour for clyw):

Clyw - ac1
Clyw - puffin 1
Clyw - igloo

I would like the Benchmark V 2014. 25$ shipped?

I have a mint cadet I’d do for the cliff

No man… cliff is so rare