Sales - Merged

I am wondering if there is going to be a sale today. Thanks!

What’s the occasion? (For us non USA residents.)

There is not one for labor day. The next sale is black friday jm pretty sure

You are probably correct.

I think they did a boxing day one with CLYW. That’s the holiday that’s only Canadian or something, right? ???

we have it in Australia too, it’s the day after christmas. Also when is Black Friday so I know when to place my next order

Ok, I suppose it’s a Commonwealth holiday? And it is the day after Christmas for us as well.

The Friday after Thanksgiving.

Hpw much was the black friday sale last year?

very cheap

Was it like a percent off or like some yoyos were cheaper?

The sales are always the same
Spend $50 get 5% off
Spend $100 get 10% off
Spend $150 get 15% off
Spend $200 get 20% off

That goes for total cart before shipping

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and thanksgiving is when???

Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday in November. So, for 2013, Thanksgiving will be November 28.

You’re a bit off.

$50 - 10%
$150 - 15%
$200 - 20%

They also have some YYF Mystery box/bag deals on black Friday . Pick one up , If your lucky enough to get an order in .

Hey, I know I am sort of copying yoyobrandon (sorry about that) but I would like to know what the list of the next two to three sales are and what they will be. Does anyone know?

I would say black friday, then christmas

There’s a christmas sale? I don’t remember…

if there isn’t Christmas I am sure there is a new years sale

Don’t be so sure. I can’t find one and don’t remember one.