Sale Tommorow? (Was Boxingday)

What do you think the sale is? I think it’s 26% off.

Boxing day?


I got no money so I can’t take advantage of the sale. I could always use some more bearings. But no big deal. I’ll probably spend big on National YoYo Day and see if YYE will have any special items for me to pick up at BAC.

What YYE doesn’t get from me now, they’ll get from me in 2013.

Enjoy the sale!!

This is so awesome. Hopefully I’ll be buying a CLYW tomorrow.

Boxing day, I think something on shipping.


"Each year, right after Christmas, in Canada we like to fight for a parking space and run through shopping malls to get great deals on stuff very similar to ‘Black Friday’ in the states.

Well we partnered up with YoYoExpert to bring a little bit of this fun to you and make it available to customers at YoYoExpert. For two days (48 Hours) starting on December 26th and ending the 27th, midnight to midnight (Eastern Time) all CLYW Return Tops are 15% off AND you get a FREE CLYW Toque with every purchase!

This is a one time deal you don’t want to miss! Find all the great CLYW yo-yos here [YoYoExpert]!"

Just took a guess :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY! I was buying a Chief anyways.

I wish there were more colorways of the Avalanche available. Not really a fan of the dogfish creek or the regular blizzard.

Is there gonna be sale tommorow on yoyoexpert?

Boxing Day Sale.

Enjoy. Hope it’s everything you were wishing for!

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I’ll be getting an Arctic Circle! So excited!

So it starts at 12:00am MST time?


Gonna buy something CLYW. Can’t decide over another Chief, another AC, or my first Avalanche. Help me decide!

Me too! I put all 3 in my cart. I’ll decide later. If I were you, I would get the Ava, since you don’t already have the other two.