Sale of Cheapness! Bass, P2, 888 and more!

Details are left to right starting from the top row, then down.

One Drop P2 - SOLD

Higby 888 - 85$
Laser engraved comics along edge.
Two tone grey ano
Rim dings exist
Includes painted z-stacks and bouncy ball
You can see the hubs are dyed root beer-ish colour
Rebecca signed inside the top half, Johns signature is on the bottom half

Basselope - SOLD

Loop 720 - 10$
Clear with White caps
Has stretchy clear ‘magic string’ from a craft store for response.

  • Response NEVER needs replacing.

Sunset NXG - 10$
White with Higby painted eyes on each side
Raised silicone response installed by Higby

  • This is Johns preferred yoyo for 2a

ProJam - SOLD




Shipping is 8$ addition (from Canada)
Payment via Paypal ONLY.

Please send all offers/inquiries to PAULPAULWALLACE.COM
I am posting this to several forums and don’t want people to be left waiting for replies via PM.
If you send a PM you will NOT receive a reply.
I will update this thread as items are sold.

Sorry, NO HOLDS OR TRADES at this time.

Thanks everyone.
Paul (yoyoGstring) Wallace

iil give u 85$ for the higby 888