selling dv888 with extras. AMAZING DEAL

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hey. my friend got me a dv888 for my birthday and i havn’t really been using it so i want to sell it. its got 2 tiny dings on it, they barely make it through the paint. it is a gold dv888. im selling it with its original bearing and a koncave ceramic bearing that ive used about 4 times. also selling with about 90 yyn blue highlights string. and the same string but pink so thats about 180 strings in total. (the pictures dont get the string color right. go to yoyonation website to see what they actualy look like). im asking $50 us or canadian. you pay shipping. i am willing to bargain a bit with the shipping. i am located in oakville canada (right next to toronto)


all that is included


Have you sod your merchandise.

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This is a legitimate question, IMO. If you don’t get your yoyos in the ground early, they won’t develop a sufficient root system by the time autumn rolls around.


have you sold your merchandise.



I am interested.

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