*SALE* General-yo hatrick, Werrd XXXL


What I have:
Werrd 4XL pretzel love edition. $80 A few white marks from the paint on my door when I hit it but mint otherwise
Spyy punchline Mint $85
b grade general yo hatrick with a few marks and dings
YYF G5 many white marks and a few dings from 3a $45
1Drop Y factor Mint $65
YYJ Axiom quite a few dings and marks but still plays well (worst damage shown) $40

YYJ Fiesta a few scratches from doing 4a with it $15
As for what I want, I’m really only looking to sell but if you have a good offer or String Theory YoYos than I’ll look into it


Laughed at that. 'Grats on the sponsorship; and good luck.


could u send me pictures of the g5 please and thank you


Look at the link in the top of the page. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks man


up^ I really need these gone soon!


i want the hatrick what color and how much

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