Sale: CLYW, YYF, Anti-Yo, Quality Metals for Quality Prices.

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All pictures here:
Going to sort these out by brand.

($90) -Avalanche (Raw, newer version, light marks and one small ding. The marks can easily be polished out, the ding is very small and hard to see)

($80) -Ywet (production run, few dings, siiconed every groove, comes with original crucial bearing and denim pouch)
($90) -Viszilla (one small knick, comes with original crucial bearing and denim pouch and red heart side effects)

($50 each $90 both) -2 G5s, 2007 Premium editions. One has dice stacks and one has z stacks. Both excellent condition)
($40) -Nova (silver w. black splash, great condition)
($40) -G-Funk (black w. wavelength engravings, one ding)
($40) -07 Aqua 888 (few small dings. plays excellent)
($40 each $70 both) -2 Yuukstas (one purple acid wash one dark turquoise/black acid wash, both excellent condition)
($50) -G5 (2010 model, blue/yellow, great condition)
($60)-MVP (paul kerbel edition)

Buy the viszilla!

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