SALE: CLYW, OneDrop, C3, YYF, Oxygene, Aero

Hey guys! Since i got sponsored, I decided to get rid of my old stuff cause i really need money. Write to me on Facebook: Biser Lukich. I may not accept a friend request, because i often don’t accept somebody that i don’t know, but feel free to message me! Now i posted pictures. If you are going to EYYC this February, hit me up if you see me! It would be the best way to make a trade or sale, there.

MIB - mint in box

BVM - Shark vs. Zombie ed. looking for around 50EUR (ish)
Avalanche - Grey with yellow and purple splash SOLD
Avalanche - Blue with black splash FG 40EUR (ish)
Chief - Orange with blue speckles MIB 100EUR (ish)
Chief - Minty Monty 80-85EUR (ish)
Chief - Petr Kavka ed. 80-85EUR (ish)
Bassalope - Spring edition 60-70EUR (ish)

Sceptre - Black 35-50EUR (ish)

Code2 Red MIB with dietz and original stock side effects 50-60EUR (ish)

Monster - Blue B-grade 30-40EUR (ish)

Rich Bitch - Black MIB 60EUR (ish)

3vo - MIB 80-90EUR (ish)

Offer to me on facebook. :slight_smile:

BUMP! Now with pictures - :slight_smile: